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Gradually Continually
The Kaizen Way

We at the Kaizen Foundation believe in the implementation of the Japanese Philosophy, Kaizen, for Continuous Improvement. We recognize that sustainable improvement and change, in not only our lives, but the communities we serve can only occur when it’s implemented …Gradually and Continually.

We, The Kaizen Foundation, choose to be the Catalyst of the Sustainable Improvement Communities Need.

Who is

Kaizen Foundation

The Kaizen Foundation is the Benevolence Arm of Kaizen Compliance. Our focus lies in providing for children’s needs in under served communities in the United States.

We have found our passion for Children has led us to assist in the capacity of Community Health and Educational Drives, Academic Scholarships and assisting with Medical expenses for children with rare disorders, the disabled, and those children afflicted with Cancer.

Our Corporate Supporters

Red Hook Rise
EZ Transition
Real Care
T-Roc Homestyle Cooking
T-Roc Homestyle Cooking
Sheer Aesthetics
Brooklyn Popcorn
KO Productions
Ample Hills Creamery
Life Time Inspirations
Artisans of Medicine NYC
Excel Care LLC
BEAM Enterprises
Da Macbook Pro DJ Lil Budda
Red Hook Finest Entertainment

Kaizen Testimonials

"I've contracted with Kaizen Compliance for the last five years. The guidance received concerning regulatory affairs, compliance and privacy has been nothing short of perfection. I've been able to manage the Environment of Care in four medical facilities due to the close guidance provided through the service received through Kaizen. The most hands on experience I've had in a long time. You will be held accountable, but also shown how to fix any issues that may arise. Dr. Kyri is thorough and will provide reassurance and solutions for any concerns you may have when it comes to any accrediting body."


C.C., Brooklyn, New York

"Kaizen Compliance’s expertise provides the most thorough, fully rounded offering of compliance solutions available on the market today. It is always a pleasure to work with such a fine institution as well as the utmost Professionalism consistently from their Advisory Team!"


S.G., New York, NY

"Just when we felt stuck, and our business was moving in slow motion, Kaizen Compliance swooped in and saved the day. They really take a vested interest in my success, unlike any other group of consultants, they have never abandoned us. Supportive, Patient and True Partners."


A.C., Atlanta, Georgia

"Kaizen Compliance is an amazing Company. They helped my business achieve and maintain the standard of quality that was necessary to move us forward. Dr. Kyri treats my Company like it is hers, and I love this about the Kaizen Team. They care, and are diligent in protecting our patients and employees."


L.Y., Williamsburg, New York

"Respectful, Friendly, KNOWLEDGABLE, and Business Oriented are the Professionals at Kaizen Compliance. It is evident they Love Compliance, yes LOVE."


V.T. Charlotte, North Carolina

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